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About Us


"How does someone decide to start a maid service?" you might ask....

Well, for Shanna Scarratt, owner and operator of Immaculate Home Maid Service, the answer is simple.

 Shanna was raised in an extremely clean home and was taught the right way to clean at a young age. In 1996, at the age of 15, she applied for and started her first job.

She spent a decade trying different occupations, consistently finding herself cleaning whichever office or facility she happened to work in at the time, followed by constant cleaning and disinfecting of her own home after work.

 In 2005 her husband, Eli had kidney failure at age 30. Shanna and Eli had 2 daughters ages 5 and 1. Eli was disabled and unable to continue working. They had been married only a few short months.

Shanna was the Advertising and Accounts Receivable Manager at a small used car dealership in SE Portland at the time. She had been there a year, or so, doing a lot of cleaning between regular daily tasks and also cleaning for friends and family to earn extra money to help offset the loss of Eli's income. She enjoyed cleaning and spent most of her time doing it anyway, why not try cleaning as an occupation? She took a giant leap of faith and quit her job at the car dealership.

 Shanna started Immaculate Home Maid Service as a sole proprietorship with hopes and dreams of her business one day growing to have multiple employees and company vehicles.  She took a few months off in 2008 when she donated one of her kidneys to her husband Eli. She also took a year off beginning in January 2012 to stay home with their newborn son. Now, almost 8 years later, her hard work and dedication have helped to realize her once distant dream of expanding her business.

 Shanna is a member of the Eastside Professional Association(EPA) & the National Association of Professional Women(NAPW)